Unframed 2016 Finalists

Unframed 2016 Finalists

May we present – the Unframed 2016 finalists!

The judges’ selection process was made quite difficult by the incredible outpouring of talent, ingenuity, and enthusiasm in this latest helmet design contest, our third. There was so much compelling work to choose from!

The judges finally narrowed down over 200 design submissions to 10 finalists, now the task for them becomes even more difficult as they further winnow amongst this group to choose the winners to work with on helmet designs. Winners will be announced here this Friday, December 18th. Sign up for email updates for all things Unframed, right below:

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Check out the first set of helmets our 2014 Unframed artists have already produced, some of these are still available for purchase.

So here we go, in alphabetical order by first name:

Adele Smith, New Zealand

I’m an illustrator, graphic designer, roller derby playing, second time student.

I was born in Thames, New Zealand. My earliest art-related memory is my brother sitting me down and telling me my circles were bad because each time I drew them the ends crossed rather than met, so he then taught me how to draw a circle properly, which was the start of many drawing lessons I got from him.

No. 108

No. 109

No. 110

No. 111

See more of Adele’s work at her Facebook page.

Brynn James, USA

I’m from Poulsbo, Washington, but I’ve lived all over the US. I love to paint and illustrate, and am inspired by my Nordic roots. This is my take on the traditional Norwegian style of painting, called Rosemaling.

My earliest memories of doing art was coloring on the walls when I was 3 years old.

No. 124

No. 123





See some of Brynn’s creations at her Etsy shop.

Camilo Sastre, Colombia

I was born in Bogotá, Colombia’s capital city. I’ve been drawing since I can remember, but I have this special memory in which I used to draw A LOT of dinosaurs, always starting with the tails (don’t know why) and giving them away among my family. I also recall creating these awesome yet strange comic books with my brother. They were a bunch of papers stitched together.

I used to work in advertising until I finally had enough and decided to focus my life on what I love: illustration and graphic design.

I’m constantly looking for different ways to explore new concepts and how to show my art to the world. This competition was perfect for that purpose. My work brings strange creatures to life, or shows funny alternate realities and characters, always with a lot of color and joy as a constant concept.

No. 125





See more of Camilo’s art here.

Chelsi Benger, USA

My name is Chelsi ”BrightEye” Benger and I’m an artist working in Boise, Idaho. I was born and raised in Loveland, Colorado where my dad raised me on his own, and it was a great place to grow up, and was a major source of art influence. My dad was awesome in supporting my love of art from the very beginning. My first memory of creating my own art was drawing Bugs Bunny in elementary school as my favorite cartoon character. I think it has remained my first memory because of all the support I did have from family, friends, and teachers that convinced me of my talent early on. I still LOVE Bugs Bunny! :)

Most of my work can be seen on Sibbz longboards and skateboards. I specialize in customizing those boards for their customers. I also work in the motocross industry selling dirt bike parts. So you could say extreme sports is a big part of my life in one way or another, and I am a big supporter of protecting your melon with a helmet.

As an artist I’ve always been inspired by the outdoors and nature. Ultimately the things that drive this planet like water and air. I’m inspired by the mountains and aspens that surrounded me in Colorado where I grew up, and now where I live in Idaho.

No. 131

No. 130

No. 129



You can see more of Chelsi’s work on Facebook here.

Collin Sekajugo, Uganda/Rwanda

I am a Rwandan Ugandan visual artist and social entrepreneur based both in Kigali, Rwanda and Kampala, Uganda.

My work is mainly about social conscience and healing. Raising awareness for issues concerning our breaking societies: from discrimination to segregation, from environmental change to isolation and from disintegration to integration. Through my work, I am always developing concepts on the elements that build or destroy our societies. And the message that is portrayed in my artwork is a demonstration for social transformation – stitching together different identities that create a bond for our common values as a people.

I am in the UNFRAMED competition because first of all I was very intrigued by what Nutcase is doing in terms of sharing messages that I think are a good unifier for different peoples of the world. And secondly I wanted to take this as an opportunity for me as an African artist to express myself on this platform by sending pictures of what I believe Africa is today. It’s a warm nice place with a lot of diversity in terms of culture, environment, and food. And most importantly Africa is a great place travel to; to mingle with people, to take hikes or ride a bike, on various terrains. ”Africa is safe.”

No. 135

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 1.58.21 PM





See more of Collin’s work here and here.

Everett Henderson, USA

I was born and raised in Vicksburg, Mississippi – these days I live in Austin, Texas. The landscapes I paint are often not accessible by automobiles, so I frequently ride my Surly Big Dummy to natural sites throughout Austin to create my watercolor postcards. The bike makes an excellent portable art studio because of the large panniers. My painting techniques transform with each new site’a conditions. The watercolors weave the trees, the sky, and the earth together to form a whole. Like bicycles that take us to new places, the watercolors have the ability to do the same.

My first art experience is a bit embarrassing. I don’t remember the event but my mother has told the story to me many times. I was in my crib, mom left me to take a nap. She came back two hours later and worried that I had not made a sound. She was surprised to discover that I was painting happily on the wall next to my crib with the pigment that was previously in my diaper. Yes, I had artistically covered the wall with my own poop. That is when my mother got convinced I would be an artist.








Find more of Everett’s work here.

Gary Hirsch, USA

I am an American, born in Melbourne Australia, now living in Portland, Oregon. I love making art that is interactive, collaborative, and that helps in some way.

When I was 7 years I had a lot of nightmares. Giant hands swooping down from the attic, grabbing me out of bed and swallowing me whole, where I would land in a stomach that was really a grave yard populated by zombies, yeah those kind of nightmares…On these nights when I couldn’t sleep I would sit with my father in the kitchen and draw the monsters from my nightmares. We would stay up for hours and my Dad would help me name these creatures (My parents saved all of these doodles, I still think they are some of my best work). Once during a late night doodling session my father leaned over and said, “You know, if you can create them, then you can also erase them.” So I would draw and erase and after a while the nightmares would come a bit less frequently. I never stopped doodling since.

Botjoy is my 7 year art experiment – to date, I have painted over 31,000 domino robots and scores of giant botjoy murals all over the globe.

I donate Bravebots to children’s hospitals. I leave hundreds on streets around the world for strangers to find. I also want others to make them as well. Hundreds of kids, teachers, nurses, artists and others are “stealing” this idea and making their own Bots. I love it! The world needs more Bots because for some reason (that frankly I don’t completely understand) they seem to help. As a friend of mine once said to me, “These little objects of joy help people feel better and have conversations with themselves that they need to have.”

My vow is to keep making them as long as it is fun for me, so-far-so-good!








To find out more visit www.botjoy.com.

Kyle Confehr, USA

I was born and still live in northeast Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. My earliest memory of doing art consisted of me asking my dad to draw Batman for me and then I’d mimic it on my own drawing pad.

These days I’m a graphic designer working at Whole Foods market. I do illustration when I’m not working there, and always admire good type. I wear my Nutcase helmet every time I go anywhere on my bike, and it’s saved me a few trips to the hospital.

Unframed Hero







Kyle’s work can be seen here.

Maksim Azarkevich, Slovenia

I am a freelance illustrator born in Kiev-Ukraine who specializes in graffiti, traditional and digital illustrations. I came by this competition through a commission piece I did for the Slovenian distributor for Nutcase. I love the name and concepts of the helmets and that’s what gave me the idea for the designs.

My earliest memory of doing art was when I was in a hospital (I think I was about 10) and my roommate taught me how to draw simple airplanes :)


Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 4.03.29 PM







Maksim’s work can be found here and here.

Yan Yan Candy Ng, Hong Kong

I was born in Hong Kong, today I am an illustrator and graphic artist living and working in the friendly Melbourne, Australia. My earliest memory of drawing is when I was in math class at primary school.

I like to celebrate positive thinking and I hope my designs will inspire Nutcase users to go forward and build confidence in practicing their choice of sport. Helmets protect the brain and the graphics on the helmet are a representation of our choice.

All action results from thought, what do we do when we have ‘fear’? If we focus on ‘fear’ then we will most likely chicken out but if we tell ourselves to just go for it, we can transform that fear energy into courage. After all if we fail, fail again, fail better. It is always good to keep trying (in our chosen sport) and keep moving forward!

No. 188







See more from Yan Yan here.

127 Responses to “Unframed 2016 Finalists”

  1. Jason Day says:

    First off let me say a terrific job by everyone. As they say everyone’s a winner. But if I’m going to replace my aging Nutcase captain America helmet it would have to be:

    1. With Chelsi Benger’s Octopus helmet. Something magical going on here. Also one of my favorite James Bond movies Octopussy.

    2. Gary Hirsch Fun bots, looks just fun to me.

    3. Yan Yan . . . What a great message and inspirational. would by

  2. Lynne Kunard says:

    Gary Hirsch’s Bots do such awesome work they should ge on bike helmets! Not to mention they’re just damn cute!

  3. Sarrah says:

    I’m so excited to see Brynn is a finalist! I love her design!

  4. Wim Haazen says:

    personally I prefer the nutty submissions of Maksim Azarkevich (Slovenia) but I like the work of Everett Henderson too.

    Choose a nutty day…


  5. Nancy says:

    I vote for Gary Hirsch! His art is amazing and his generosity is admirable. I’d wear the BotJoy helmet any day.

    Go, Gary!

  6. Jill says:

    They are all super rad in different ways and it’s so awesome to see art from all over the world. Personally, I’d love any of those Brynn James designs. They are traditionally inspired but very contemporary in style. Love it!

  7. Lisa Brousseau says:

    The ”brave” energy flowing from Gary Hirsch’s bots would be the perfect thing to wrap around my boys as they head out into the world on their bikes. Plus, boys and robots? Hell yes.

  8. Rabanne says:

    Super cool! I’m in love with Brynn James’ work. I’d buy those helmies!

  9. Christina says:

    I LOVE Brynn James’s Rosemarie design. It is something grown woman and little girls would love. If she were to win I would totally buy one for myself and future daughter :)

  10. Mums With Hustle says:

    Loving Brynn James’s designs!!! Makes wearing a helmet cool!

  11. Kelsey says:

    Brynn from Poulsbo!!!!

  12. Diana Urbano says:

    Amazing illustrations of all the winners! i specially loved Adele Smith from New Zealand and Yan Yan Candy Ng from Hong Kong helmets & work. Congrats! :)

  13. Kari says:

    I’d buy several of Brynn’s design! My daughter and her friends would all love this!

  14. Linda Johnson says:

    I would purchase either one of Bryn James helmets. They are beautiful. Very taltanted Lady..

  15. Jamie L says:

    I love Brynn’s entry! So beautiful.

  16. Andrew Martin says:

    I would love to see Brynn’s design on a kids’ sized helmet!

  17. Bjarke Kronborg says:

    I’d vote for Gary Hirsch’s art. As one of the other comments mentioned the braveness they inspire and Gary’s contributions to the community are great!


  18. Jamie says:

    Love the Brynn James design! All are amazing but I would love hers on a helmet for my children. So good!!!

  19. Jamie says:

    Love the Brynn James design! All are amazing but I would love her design on a helmet for my children. So good!

  20. HeAther Wood says:


    Brynn James style speaks to my soul and we need this in our life!

  21. Patrick says:

    The idea of Brave Bots protecting my daughter as she rides is beautiful! All of the designs are cool, but Gary’s has power, inspiration and joy built right in.

  22. Sara says:

    Brynn James!! You go girl

  23. Sharon says:

    I really LOVE the designs by Brynn from Poulsbo! I would absolutely buy a helmet with one of her designs for my granddaughter!

  24. Amy says:

    As an owner of a nutcase helmet, I would be happy to replace mine with one of Brynn from Poulsbo! Hers are lovely for ladies! Hope she wins!!

  25. Erin Leedy says:

    Botjoy helmets, yes!!!!!!! I would love to see these made. I am a huge fan of Gary, his art, and his efforts to get others to connect and share via art. He is a community builder, and these helmets would continue those efforts to connect, engage, and delight.

  26. TomVan says:

    Brynn James’ entry is delightful.

  27. Jerry Roach says:

    Chelsi Benger work appears to be rooted in mountains but destination looks infinite. From the example of the long board posted can see anything from helmets to boards, and everything in between.

  28. Carie W-Folz says:

    I appreciate the design and colors from Everett Henderson. Collin Sekajugo, Uganda/Rwanda’s theme of social transformation – stitching together different identities that create a bond for our common values as a people- really reaches to me in the last two helmets shown. So many interesting submissions!

  29. Tonie says:

    Wow the one by Brynn is awesome!!! Hope that entry wins!!

  30. Linda says:

    My granddaughters would love wearing a helmet with Brynn James’ designs on them!! I enjoy the details she includes in her art…very talented lady!

  31. Kristin says:

    Love this concept!! LOVE the Bots!!!

  32. Liza H. says:

    Wow. Brynn James is one talented lady! I would definitely wear one of those lovely helmets. (=

  33. Bethany Dieringer says:

    Brynn’s designs hit home in a big way! Go Brynn!!

  34. Marcia Hall says:

    Great designs! I’m drawn to Brynn James whimsical, contemporary yet traditional designs.

  35. Holly van Ross says:

    I think Brynn James is an awesome artist and an awesome person! I vote for her design.

  36. Heather L says:

    Brynn’s work is very beautiful! I think it would make a lovely and popular helmet :)

  37. Melanie says:

    Love Brynn’s artwork! Great helmet design for anywhere in the world! Would love to see these on a helmet! Much more fun than plain colors!

  38. JuneauGale says:

    Adele smith

  39. Alyshia N says:

    Brynn is an amazing artist! I love her designs!

  40. Marie Nelson says:

    Brynn James has an eye for the bold and beautiful!

  41. Andrea says:

    Love love love the designs by Brynn James! I know lots of folks that would love helmets with her art designs on them.

  42. Kris Lee says:

    Brynn James work is the best. Love it. Buy it.

  43. Briana R says:

    I love Brynns helmet designs and I would buy either of them. I’m actually in the market for a new helmet that’s actually pretty and not just functional so this would work out well if you you end up selling hers!!

  44. Sarah Hamui says:

    Congratulation everyone at Nutcase!

    This are terrific, I personally love Collin Sekajugo from Uganda/Rwanda, I like the ethnic vibe.
    Also great work from Yan Yan Candy Ng, Hong Kong. And Gary Hirsch, USA so much fun!

    Kind and nutty regards


  45. Jobert says:

    great job everyone, beautiful works!

  46. Andrea says:

    I love Brynn’s design. It’s both a feminine and strong design, classic and unique. I would definitely buy a helmet with her art on it!

  47. Cathy K says:

    Would truly enjoy a Brynn James design on my helmet!

  48. Ilene Price says:

    I just love Gary Hirsch’s Bots. I own my very own JoyBot and I love it. I think his Bots would look awesome on a bike helmut, especially BraveBots for kids who may be afraid to start riding a bike. Love the Bots!!!

  49. Allison T says:

    Brynn James! Amazing and beautiful. I don’t normally buy helmets with design but I would buy her designs.

  50. Melissa says:

    Brynn’s work is outstanding!

  51. Janet Flores says:

    I love Brynn James’ designs!

  52. Jen says:

    Kyle Confehr👍🏼 His work is creative, progressive, and represents what is coming out of our brains. If you’re going to protect your head, you might as well be able to see what’s going on inside of it! His work says ”nutcase” to me!

  53. Sara says:

    Brynn!! Her designs are feminine and cool, and so very special!!

  54. Glenn Romahn says:

    What a talented group of finalists! Ultimately, I’ve decided on Maksim Azarkevich’s entries, leaning a little more favorably with the cheesehead.

  55. Robin BREAKEY says:

    I would buy Brynn’s helmet in a heartbeat! Looks like I’m not alone in this.

  56. Lisa says:

    Wow! I certainly agree with many others that Brynn James’ design is amazing! Looking forward to seeing her design announced as winner!

  57. Vicky says:

    Wow really love Yan Yan’s design. What a good motto to remember everyday I put on my helmet with her design on it. Love to be positive and that’s what we need more around us. :)

  58. Geoff H says:

    i vote for the Joy Bots! This would of ours needs much more Joy. Seeing a joy bot on the head of a bike rider will surely help! Gary Hirsch’s Joy Bots need to be on a Nutcase Helmet! Cheers to all of the amazing artists!

  59. Karla Newitt says:

    Brynn James has the best design of them all. So very well designed. Such a wonderful artist! I would wear her design on my helmet, for sure!

  60. Tricia says:

    All of these designs are fantastic!! I would especially love to see the artwork by Brynn James on a Nutcase helmet. Her designs are feminine, yet not too girly for those of us who enjoy a hard ride on the single track with the boys.

  61. sandra ramirez says:

    i love Gary Hirsch art!! so far my favorite helmet to be produced!!!!

  62. sandra ramirez says:

    camilo sastre firm COLOMBIA!!!! awesome talent!!!

  63. Rusten Harris says:

    DAAAAAAAAYYUUUUUUUMMM! Seriously? Rosemaling?! Brynn your design is so fresh. I would by my girl that helmet in a heartbeat! It’s so female-empowering! Like I have a helmet and I’ll bust yo ass-and that’s right I’m a girl! Get used to it!

  64. Daniel says:

    Congrats everyone! Amazing talent.

    I really want Camilo Sastre’s design to become a real helmet. Love it.

  65. CrystalClear says:

    I love the whimsical designs by Brynn James! I think her designs could cross many age, culture, and style boundaries that Nutcase Helmets would be wise to consider with helmet designs.

  66. Cathy Coleman says:

    Love seeing your beautiful designs Brynn!

  67. Kathy says:

    Adelle, Brynn and Joybots – these are great!

  68. Wendy Duchemin says:

    All of these designs deserve to be in the top 10! Amazingly creative. I Really like the cultural aspect of the Nordic Rosemaling helmets

  69. Liminie Ong says:


    I’m voting for Yan Yan Candy Ng!!! Her design of the helmet is clean yet full of depth and wonders! Beautifully crafted in the aesthetic and concept. Love it!

    And you can just feel the amazing fun vibes flowing out from all her designs. Great works!!

  70. Yo says:

    candy! Like her name, her design is SAWEEET

  71. Melissa says:

    Yan Yan Candy Ng’s designs strike me as different from the rest of the finalists. Typography on a helmet – that’s not something you see everyday. Good to see some motivation you need for the day WOO.

  72. wendy says:

    I vote for Ms. yan yan candy ng. I loved her design especially the idea of GO GO GO.

  73. Dani says:

    Incredible work all round! What a stellar collection of designs. Especially LOVE the energy of Yan Yan Yan Candy Ng’s piece… Would love to rock that helmet!

    Good luck to all!

  74. Yannie says:

    Amazing works from the finalists! and I especially love Yan Yan’s design for its positive message and beautiful illustration of calligraphy.

  75. Fran Johns says:

    Not sure how to vote, but I love Gary Hirsch’s bots. Would sport them on a helmet or a smartphone, for that matter. What a talented bunch you’ve unearthed!

  76. Drew Jones says:

    LOVE Brynn James’ designs! I have two little girls who would love to wear those beautiful flowered helmets.

  77. Tdharrison says:

    Terrific artists, their work is creative and imaginative. It was a pleasure seeing their work for this wonderful project.

    I absolutely adore Brynn James work. It is timeless and invokes warmth and serenity.

    Well done Brynn

  78. Kimber says:

    I love the floral designs by Bryn. I would be so elated to own one (or five!)

  79. Jass says:

    so hard to pick among all these amazing designs
    I will go for Yan Yan Ng’s, good thoughts with fun letterings! much inspired.

  80. ShariP says:

    Love Brynn’s designs!

  81. Valerie Otheim says:

    Brynn’s helmets combine the best of traditional Nordic folk art and modern graphic design — a uniquely whimsical and adventurous aesthetic.

  82. Shannon says:

    Brynn James’ design would be my choice for a helmet design, hands down!!!

  83. Denise Mahoney says:

    Hi love all these entries but Brynn James’s artwork shows such versatility.

  84. Korri Donham says:

    I love Brynn’s designs!

  85. Glen says:

    I’d love to see some of Yan Yan Candy Ng’s artwork on helmet. It’s my kind of art style.

  86. Nani P says:

    Candy Yan Yan Ng! beautiful meaningful concept!

  87. Vickki Ha says:

    I love Yan Yan Candy Ng’s design, especially with the logo ”GO FOR IT”. It gives you a clear message that you need this for the protection.
    Well done, Candy!

  88. Stephanie says:

    Love the floral designs by Brynn!

  89. Vanessa says:

    The others are colourful but I can imagine hanging Yan Yan Candy’s helmet by front door inspiring me to GO FOR IT every morning, especially those chilly winter mornings!!

  90. CN says:

    1st – I would like to get Yan Yan Candy Ng’s helmet design.
    2nd – Camilo Sastre, Colombia and Maksim Azarkevich, Slovenia seems interesting too!

  91. Teigan says:

    I really love Yan Yan Candy Ng’s design – typography is the best ! And it is a great message to send people, to let go and live without fear.

  92. Judy says:

    Love Bryn James designs. They are beautiful and peaceful and I would wear one or buy one for my great-nieces.

  93. Cherri Jenkins says:

    I liked one with mountains and gears, and the ones by Brynn James. I love her use of color, and the Nordic influence.

  94. Jane Older says:

    The world of sports in which Nutcase Helmets is used needs more strong, yet feminine designs like Brynn James! They are stunning.

  95. Amanda Rodriguez says:

    I love the artwork by Brynn James. The flowers are very creative and colorful

  96. kelly O says:

    Wow, there is some amazing work and art here.
    I think both Bryn James wins the award for best female design
    I think Gary Hirsh wins the award for most entertaining/fun design
    I think Yan Yan wins the award for the most inspiring design

  97. Randy says:

    Bryn for the win!

  98. Judy says:

    Love Brynn James and her whimsical artwork and bold designs!

  99. Meaghan says:

    Love the use of color in Kyle Confehr’s submission! Great finalist selections!

  100. Carol says:

    Great and terrific job from the one made by Camilo Sastre, he did and excellent work on the helment. Loved it!

  101. Jonathan Parra says:

    Maravilloso trabajo Camilo Sastre, felicitaciones.

  102. Claudia says:

    I love Camilo Sastre’s designs. The concept of the helmet is pretty awesome!

  103. Lina Tono says:

    My favorite is Camilo Sastre’s design! so original, full of energy and funny!!!!!

  104. Aura says:

    Camilo Sastre… wonderful!! as always!!

  105. Katerine Granados says:

    I definitely would be very proud to wear a helmet with illustrations by Camilosastre! :)

  106. Lucy says:

    As a person, Brynn radiates positivity, hospitality and professionalism — and that certainly comes through in her art! If Brynn’s work is chosen, her deigns would make lovely helmets and she would be a treat for you to work with.

  107. Yody Castro says:

    Just love soooo much the one with the brains, by Camilo Sastre.

  108. David Gómez says:

    Great work Camilo. Definitely your the best Dude! That Dinosaur is awesome!

  109. glori says:

    I need this brain in my head! camilo sastre

  110. Neuta says:

    They are all great, But Sastre’s (Colombia) work definitely stands out… plus, the brains helmet its fucking sick!!

  111. Santiago Sastre Castañeda says:

    CAMILO SASTRE’s design is the best. It is AWESOME!!!! I would buy those helmets. Don’t care the price!!!!

  112. Juliana says:

    Amazing Camilo’s work and drawings, the use of colors and the story telling of the paints makes them even more interesting.

    Cool work and incredible talent.

  113. Carlos Reyes says:

    Camilo’s illustrations are so witty and masterfully executed. If I’m gonna to crash I’d rather have my brain protected by his amazing artwork or not be protected at all!

  114. Danica says:

    Brynn’s is the best!

  115. Brooke Parsons says:

    I LOVE Brynn’s designs! They emote the fresh, happy feeling one gets when engaging in outdoor recreations. Not to mention they would make a lovely statement helmet!!

  116. Brandon says:

    Brynn’s design is awesome. It makes me want to ride my bike. Whether its raining or sunny. It sort of brings the kid out in all of us. And lets be honest, we all have sweet memories of riding bikes as kids. So logic leads us to believe that if you want more sweet memories you should wear her fun helmet.

  117. Robin Breakey says:

    Loving Brynn James’s designs. I would buy one. Or two.

  118. Cheryl S. says:

    I love Brynn’s cute designs! they would be perfect for a bike helmet! Her designs are timeless never going out of style…

  119. Rachel says:

    Brynn’s is my favorite!!

  120. Judy Ogdon says:

    I vote for Brynn’s
    It is the very best one !

  121. Ana Gaitan says:

    I just can say, Camilo’s job is gorgeous!!!

  122. Catalina Rodríguez f says:

    Camilo, I saw your work and i love it. It’s amazing, can i Buy your helmet ? You have to win !!!!!!!! 😁

  123. Mack Benevides says:

    Yes! Brynn! Her work is amazing.

  124. Chic Robertson says:

    I love Brynn’s designs!

  125. Monica says:

    I LOVE Brynn’s designs!

  126. Luz Bratcher says:

    They’re all pretty amazing, but I think Brynn’s is my favorite one of them all.

  127. Patti says:

    I love the designs by Bryn James. She is such a talented lady.