Gift Panic? Gotcha Covered…With Instant Gift Cards

Gift Panic? Gotcha Covered…With Instant Gift Cards

The winter holidays – didn’t that used to be a time of year to slow down and take stock, give thanks and spread cheer?


While we’ve experienced plenty of appreciation already and spread a lot of cheer (our Nutcase holiday karaoke party is starting to be legendary), the slowing down part isn’t quite happening.

So if you are like us, there’s a little bit of last-minute scrambling. And it’s a last-minute scramble that may well last through the holidays themselves!

Here at the Nutcase headquarters hive, we can help with at least one part of the slowing down, if gift giving is what’s got your stymied.

And that’s by offering gift cards perfect for all those last-minute gift-giving needs.

Our special gift card promotion runs from today (December 21) and is valid until December 25th at midnight.

The promotion means you’ll get a 20% discount with the promo code GIFTNOW.

The gift cards come in the following denominations: $75, $100, $150, and $200.

Gift cards are a great way to ensure that your friends and loved ones get exactly the helmet design and size that’s right for them. And if they’re lucky, matching visors or a bell.

Nutcase gift cards are also instant – you’ll get the gift card code sent to you via email as soon as the payment has gone through.

It’s a pretty nice combo – 20% off means your $60 purchase equals a $75 credit AND a little less gift-giving guilt.

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Have a happy, nutty holiday.

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